Loving Life Program

Some “detox” programs offer starvation diets, terrible food, and boring routines, and make you feel like you’re in a concentration camp.

Isn’t it time you tried a detox program that makes you feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel? How about a 5-star hotel that was rated one of the WORLD’S TOP 100 RESORTS (and incidentally the best hotel of any kind in the country) by Conde Nast Traveler? How about a 5-star hotel that also offers “the best spa experience in Asia” (according to the Asia Spa and Wellness Festival 2009)

Embrace wellness with our four-day or seven-day program that helps cleanse and purify the body, mind and spirit. Free yourself from toxins brought by an unhealthy diet, the environment and life’s pressures. Our 4- or 7-day program is not a diet. Whereas some “diets” may help you shed 5 pounds of mostly water, that you will regain almost immediately, our program will help you shed 2 pounds (of real fat), and give you the physical and mental attitudes to keep losing fat long after you have left us.

Our program permits you to eat a variety of different foods during your stay, and an unlimited amount of certain food during certain periods of every day. You will NOT starve or constantly feel dissatisfied. You will be given some foods that you would never expect, like eggs, steaks, mayonnaise, and others. The nutritional philosophy behind our menus is a combination of “best practices”, not based on any single fad but on the latest findings related to well-being and health. Our program involves exercise, but more than that, it involves teaching your mind and body good habits for fitness and health.

Our program includes lots of things you won’t get anywhere else in the Philippines. For one very reasonable package price, you will:

  • Be billeted in a luxurious 5-star hotel room and enjoy 5-star amenities (with private airport transfers).
  • Eat pretty darn well.
  • Enjoy massages and treatments at our internationally-acclaimed spa.
  • Sweat a little and maybe make a few muscles ache. But ours is definitely not a “pain for gain” philosophy. All this time, you’ll enjoy the facilities and activities of Plantation Bay, one of the world’s top 100 resorts.
  • Fire up your metabolism and start burning calories even when doing nothing!
  • Do a little yoga, practicing correct breathing and stretching.
  • Learn about nutrition and good eating habits. We will also talk to you about supplements and other products, useful and useless, that are found in health-food stores.
  • Engage in a number of fun activities, including watching movies, playing Survivor, poetry reading, and having your fortune told.
  • Laugh, laughter being the best medicine.
  • And, of course, you’ll experience the joys of colonic cleansing.

Sample Itinerary: Day1 / Day2

For inquiries, please email: spa@plantationbay.com